Featured Projects

These projects explore particular concepts using photography and other forms of media.

> Black in America

It’s a unique experience to be Black in America. It is like living, as James Baldwin put it, in another country. This series expresses some of what that is like.

> Self Portraits

In my self-portraiture work, I am exploring how how my features reflect my ancestry, my personality, and my ethos as these things shift and change. How does my personal evolution manifest in my image? I am finding and seeking my identity via literal and conceptual reflection: What does a woman look like? What kind of woman am I?

> South Africa

This is a collection of images from my 2016 trip to Johannesburg, South Africa. I traveled there in November for a month to present on a photography panel at the Black Portraiture[s] III Conference with my mentors, esteemed artists Marilyn Nance and Valerie Maynard. Through the lens of Marilyn’s work at Festac ’77, a cultural event in Nigeria that convened thousands of Black artists, we discussed the importance of Black artists in preserving and sustaining archives of Black artwork, the critical role of mentorship in Black arts communities, and the personal impact of our intergenerational legacy building.

> Philadelphia

Sometimes I work and love in Philadelphia, an intensely photogenic city whose stark, decrepit buildings vibrate with old paint and vintage signs and plainly grimy streets shrug with poverty and indifference.

> Guyana

In 2013, I traveled with my parents and brother to Guyana, where my family is from. The journey home had a significant anchoring effect on me – seeing my ancestral home made me feel more connected to myself. The photos presented here are my link to that home away from home (away from home).

> The Here, Now Series

The Here, Now video series is an exploration of the small moments that make up life. Like a patchwork construction of odd and discarded fabric, these works bring together varying textures of observation. each piece is a meditation; a truth found; a chance to understand.

> Nature

Images of nature and nature-inspired artwork.

> Do It Yourself

Here you’ll find recipes and crafts.

> Roots

These are images of family and of life back in the day.